Over the past 15 years, our founder Lyn Graft has filmed and shared the stories of 500 of the top entrepreneurs on the planet. Grab this FREE gift he made: “7 Steps to Creating a Great Story” PDF so you can start working on your story today.




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Grab our free PDF download on “7 Steps to Creating a Great Story” so you can start working on your story today.

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Start with Story is the definitive guidebook for 1st-time entrepreneurs to create the best story for their business. Sign-up to stay in touch for the book’s release.

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Robin Emmerich
Founder, Beauty in the Mess

“Two words to describe Lyn and Storytelling for Entrepreneurs: Authentic and Empowering – his teachings and his course helped me find my authentic story, and gave me the tools to start building and sharing it.”

Jared Tennant
Drone Videographer, Photographer, and Founder

“I have known and worked with Lyn and Storytelling for Entrepreneurs for a long time and have observed his skills as a storytelling master. I’ve seen him coach people through telling their stories as well as pull compelling stories out of the most successful entrepreneurs filmed. The guy knows his stuff.”

Leonie Weerakoon
Independent Entrepreneur

Lyn’s series [Create Your Story from Scratch] is chock-full of tips and tricks on understanding how to make YOUR story stand out. He launched his series at the perfect time for me – while editing my business plan to pitch to investors — and it was exactly the tool I needed to proof read it and make sure I had a compelling and remarkable story that makes my partners say YES! His courses are made for everyone and anyone in the workforce.”

Erin Roy
Founder, The Harvest Trail Journey

“Storytelling for Entrepreneurs and the Create Your Story from Scratch course are important for any founder’s journey. I learned that there are millions of products out there so chances are at least one other person is selling what you have to offer. Lyn Graft taught me the importance of developing and telling my story in order to differentiate and grow my business.”