How to Sharpen Your Founder Storytelling Skills During the Holidays

The Holidays. Also what I like to call the ‘Season of Storytelling’.

Always a great time to spend time with family and friends.

And sharpen your storytelling skills.

That’s because stories are everywhere during the holidays and its a great opportunity to immerse yourself in this special time to soak up time with you people you care about all while honing in your narrative skills.

In this video I’ll share a few tips on how you work your storytelling skills all while sipping spiced egg nog and having that 3rd piece of pie.

Happy Holidays to all!

If you like to know more about entrepreneurial storytelling, here are a few resources we’ve created for you:


Free Guide: 7 Proven Steps to Create a Great Story for Your Business

Start with Story. The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Using Story to Grow Your Business. #StartWithStory



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