Start With Story-The Definitive Book on Entrepreneurial Storytelling-1 Year Later

Today is my book, birthday! Happy #StartWithStory Day everyone!

One year ago today I was standing on Congress Avenue in Austin, TX waving a poster size version of my book cover to drivers on their way to work.

It was one of the funnest days of my 6-year journey in bringing this book to life as I finally got to share it with the world.

After 12 months, I've had some time to observe and think about how the book has made an impact on my personal and professional life.

Huge shout out to the team at Scribe Media for helping me birth this sucker.

Hope you enjoy the video and thank you all so much for supporting the book!

Best Selling Author,

P.S. Having a book is kind of like a tattoo you really love. Sometimes you forget you have it, but then are pleasantly reminded of it every now and then and it brings up great memories.

If you like to know more about entrepreneurial storytelling, here are a few resources we've created for you:


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Start with Story. The Entrepreneur's Guide to Using Story to Grow Your Business. #StartWithStory

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